On April 8th, 2024, Eclipse262728 attended a great event that took place in the sky, making a special day for eclipse chasers.

North America welcomed the shadow of the Moon. Canada, the US and Mexico were the three countries where the path of totality crossed. In addition, this eclipse offered a very long totality and observers had time to enjoy this astronomical phenomenon. Eclipse262728 organized a trip to experience this eclipse and much more!

Planning for this expedition began almost a year in advance and Mexico was chosen as the destination to organize the trip, taking into account that the maximum totality along the entire path occurred in this country and the best meteorological conditions were expected there.

This Spanish-speaking country offered all its cultural and natural richness  by opening its arms to Eclipse262728.

The state of Durango was the region where the maximum totality occurred (4′ 28″) highlighted as one of the most important destinations to see the eclipse in Mexico. Therefore, the Mexiquillo hostel was chosen where we were kindly attended, opening its door for the Eclipse262728 team.

The protected natural park of Mexiquillo was one of the most privileged places to see the eclipse. The center line passed over this park and observers were able to enjoy 4′ 27″ of totality in a very beautiful environment. To get rid of cloudiness, the team had chosen alternative points to change the observation location if necessary on a vehicle to move around.

The trip with Eclipse262728 began on April 4, visiting Mexico City, its long history and attractions to discover.

An international group formed the Eclipse262728 team including eclipse followers, astrophotographers, astronomers and travelers, with the goal of reaching the eclipse path in Durango. Most of the team arrived in Durango a few days before the eclipse and visited the city.

The days before the eclipse were stressful for everyone due to concerns about cloud cover along the path, from Mexico to Canada. Finally, the group decided to go to the Mexiquillo natural park to see the eclipse, since along the entire path there was approximately 70% probability of cloud cover during the eclipse.

The rest of the Eclipse262728 team arrived at the destination the day before the eclipse and everyone fell in love with the magnificent atmosphere of the area, hoping that the conditions were favorable and would facilitate the observation of the eclipse on April 8.

The night before the eclipse there was a very friendly and pleasant meeting so that the team could get to know each other better and could coordinate and organize matters better and they were more united and prepared for the next day under the shadow of the Moon.

The same night at dinner time, there was a larger gathering among all the enthusiasts who were there to watch the eclipse. It was a privileged opportunity for exchanges between astronomers and other participants. Local astronomers welcomed people wishing them a very good experience for the next day and Eclipse262728 invited everyone to see the next totality in 2026, The Grand Spanish Eclipse in Spain. In this way, with these good vibes, people went to sleep and woke up in a few hours to go see the eclipse.

People couldn’t stop following the latest news regarding cloud cover maps. The sun rose and illuminated the sky of Mexiquillo. The sky was mostly clear and transmitted good energy to the team. After a traditional breakfast with Durango flavor, the group was ready to get into the car and arrive at the natural park to see the eclipse.

In the Mexiquillo nature park, a very beautiful and quiet corner was waiting for us. To offer us an unforgettable experience. The photographers set up their equipment and others walked around the area. Cloud cover increased and the western horizon was completely cloudy. The partial phase began and the clouds caressed the face of the eclipsed sun. Totality was approaching and cloud cover was increasing. Luckily the clouds were quite thin and the sun could be seen waving behind them.

Around 12, the diamond ring made people scream and even the calmest of the team were screaming, crying and full of emotions. Fortunately, the totality was seen perfectly between the thin clouds, raising the adrenaline for the adventure. This long totality gave them enough time to take photos, record videos and even shout and share their feelings. The solar protuberance could be seen perfectly with the naked eye, Venus and Jupiter were also celebrating the Moon and the sun’s gathering.

The team had already achieved its goal and Mexiquillo covered its expectations in its best way. With a big collective hug we said goodbye to totality until the next one, the Grand Spanish Eclipse 2026, which we will be waiting for on August 12th over the horizon.

The Mexiquillo hostel, with its team, congratulated us on the achievement and offered us a typical meal to celebrate the observation and capture of images of the 2024 eclipse, with the aim of keeping Mexican gastronomy in our memories, throwing a party in the observation site of the park.

The 2024 eclipse expedition was wonderful and the group incredibly friendly and united looking forward to seeing each other again on future occasions. Eclipse262728 kindly thanks all those who supported the organization and planning of this experience and welcomes everyone to see The Grand Spanish Eclipse 2026 in Spain.

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