The 2026 Eclipse

The total solar eclipse of 2026 August 12 (The Grand Spanish Eclipse)

· This total solar eclipse will be visible in Spain, the Arctic, Greenland, a small part of Iceland, Atlantic Ocean, and a very small area in the north of Portugal

· Spain can be considered as the main destination to host eclipse chasers from all around the world

· This is the first totality to occur over the Iberian Peninsula in nearly 120 years

· The total solar eclipse of 2026 is the first total solar eclipse to occur over mainland Europe since 1999

· The 2026 eclipse is especially unique since the path of totality will cross over a vast area of Spain and approximately forty percent of the entire Spanish territory will be visited by the eclipse path

· The path width of a total solar eclipse rarely exceeds 200 kilometers whereas, the path of totality of the 2026 eclipse in Spain is approximately 290 kilometers wide

· The total solar eclipse of 2026 happens in summer vacations

· Totality will happen in a very low altitude (less than 13° throughout Spain). A horizon free of buildings, trees, mountains etc., is essential to observe the totality

· The early weather forecast models predict clear skies for the eclipse days in many regions

 · That would be a glorious moment to see the totality during the sunset or just before that in the eastern coast of Spain especially in the Balearic Islands

· Both Madrid and Barcelona stand just outside the path of totality where the eclipse obscuration can exceed 99%

· Valencia, Zaragoza and Bilbao are the biggest cities within the path of totality

The path of totality of the Grand Spanish Eclipse on 2026 August 12

The path of totality of the Grand Spanish Eclipse on 2026 August 12 within the Spanish territory.

Table of times for the total solar eclipse on August 12, 2026, at some points within the totality path in the Spanish geography. Due to the time that has passed since the last total solar eclipse in the peninsula, this one is referred to as 'The Great Spanish Eclipse.'
CityAutonomous communityStart of partial eclipseStart of total eclipseEnd of total eclipseMaximum eclipseSun altitude at Max eclipseDuration totality
ValenciaValencia19:38:19.720:32:25.520:33:24.120:32:54.904.4°0m 58.6s
PeñíscolaValencia19:36:47.120:30:29.120:32:08.320:31:18.804.4°1m 39.3s
TeruelAragón19:36:50.920:30:59.220:32:32.620:31:46.005.4°1m 33.4s
ZaragozaAragón19:34:36.620:28:57.720:30:22.320:29:40.105.9°1m 24.5s
EscuchaAragón19:36:04.820:30:08.820:31:49.920:30:59.505.4°1m 41.1s
JarabaAragón19:35:23.120:29:47.120:31:29.720:30:38.506.4°1m 42.6s
TarragonaCatalonia19:35:29.020:29:23.720:30:24.620:29:54.204.2°1m 00.8s
LleidaCatalonia19:34:39.320:29:03.720:29:33.520:29:18.704.9°0m 39.8s
GuadalajaraCastile-La Mancha19:36:19.020:31:1720:32:22.520:31:49.906.9°1m 05.6s
SoriaCastilla y León19:34:21.920:29:00.920:30:43.020:29:52.107.1°1m 42.1s
LermaCastilla y León19:33:50.620:28:51.020:30:36.320:29:43.808.1°1m 45.3s
BurgosCastilla y León19:33:17.020:28:19.920:30:03.920:29:12.008.2°1m 44.0s
ValladolidCastilla y León19:34:25.720:29:48.220:31:14.820:30:31.608.6°1m 26.7s
PalenciaCastilla y León19:33:48.620:29:03.520:30:45.220:29:54.508.6°1m 41.7s
LeónCastilla y León19:32:39.620:28:15.520:29:59.920:29:07.809.6°1m 44.3s
OsornoCastilla y León19:33:06.820:28:20.020:30:06420:29:13.308.7°1m 46.4s
PonferradaCastilla y León19:32:37.520:28:39.620:30:05.220:29:22.510.3°1m 25.6s
BilbaoBasque Country19:31:42.920:27:17.220:27:48.920:27:33.108.2°0m 31.7s
SantanderCantabria19:31:17.620:26:51.920:27:55.620:27:23.808.8°1m 03.7s
GijónAsturias19:30:58.320:26:43.220:28:28.320:27:35.910.1°1m 45.2s
OviedoAsturias19:31:15.320:27:00.320:28:48.720:27:54.610.2°1m 48.4s
A CoruñaGalicia19:30:52.320:27:37.720:28:51.920:28:14.912.0°1m 14.2s
FerrolGalicia19:30:40.320:27:16.320:28:44.820:28:00.711.9°1m 28.5s
RibadeoGalicia19:30:46.820:26:53.320:28:41.720:27:47.611.1°1m 48.4s
AlcobendasMadrid19:36:27.820:31:55.320:32:15.520:32:05.507.2°0m 20.2s
PalmaBalearic Islands19:37:59.120:31:00.420:32:36.620:31:48.602.4°1m 36.2s
IbizaBalearic Islands19:39:10.920:32:41.220:33:44.020:33:12.702.8°1m 02.8s

Contact times for the 2026 Total Solar Eclipse in Spain, derived from  Interactive Google Map – Xavier Jubier

It is estimated that the cloud map of the sky will have this aspect by the statistics made over several years by Jay Anderson.

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