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Three Consecutive Years of Eclipse Chasing in Spain

In 2026, 2027 and 2028, the paths of three solar eclipses will cross Spain. The eclipses of 2026 and 2027 will be total and that of 2028 will be annular. Those are the first total solar eclipses to occur over mainland Europe in the 21st century and the Iberian Peninsula will be experiencing its first total solar eclipse after more than a century. Undoubtedly, Spain will be the top destination in the whole world to observe the total eclipse of 2026 according to the path of totality. One year later, once again the path of totality of another solar eclipse will cross over the southern coast of Spain where the totality will last more than 4 minutes. Finally, six months later the path of a great annular solar eclipse crosses a vast area of Spain and the remaining ring of sunlight will appear above the horizon before sunset.

Eclipse262728 as a pioneering work (since 2016), offers what you need to know about the upcoming solar eclipses, tries to raise awareness and provides an arena for a collaboration network to organize eclipse celebrations in Spain.

Three Consecutive Years of Eclipse Chasing in Spain

Why shouldn’t we miss the total solar eclipse?

A total solar eclipse is an inspiring memorable moment in everybody’s life. It’s exciting and spectacular. Not everyone has the chance of observing a total or annular eclipse in their lifetime. Although total and annular solar eclipses occur almost every year somewhere on the Earth, they are absolutely rare at any specific location. On average, crossing the path of totality over a single location happens only about once every four centuries. It is crucial to be within the path of totality to enjoy the most important and spectacular moment of the eclipse. Totality is the only part of an eclipse where you can observe the totally eclipsed sun with the naked eye without any solar filters, seeing the solar corona, and also experience the full darkening around you.