Geonight 2022 was held in Galicia on April 1, where the geography faculty of the University of Santiago de Compostela and the Eclipse262728 team took advantage of this opportunity to raise awareness among university students, authorities and the local community regarding the organization of the eclipse festival. . In different talks organized at the Faculty of Geography, the public recognized the importance of early planning to organize activities related to upcoming solar eclipses in Spain in 2026/27/28, create a collaboration network between different entities and achieve better results and benefits working as a team.

Participants learned the key aspects of eye safety during a solar eclipse and took the opportunity to observe the sun and its giant sunspots.

In addition, the public collaborated in proposing sustainable solutions throughout the eclipse festival to manage the crowds and extend the benefits before, during and after the eclipse years.

These students were proposed a course to be Ambassadors of the eclipse that will be taught in the near future where they will be able to obtain a certification to be the representatives of Eclipse262728, wherever they are required. This proposal was received with great enthusiasm by the students.

The Eclipse262728 team, collaborating with experts in the Galician community, took advantage of Geonight 2022 to explore some of the potential locations for the observation of the Grand Spanish Eclipse 2026, since its wide path will affect the territory of the Galician community in the near future.

The organizers of Eclipse262728 also met tourism authorities in Galicia and some mayors in the area of ​​the 2026 total solar eclipse convincing them to take appropriate strategies and take the correct steps in each phase of the project. Fortunately, these local authorities showed great interest in collaborating and supporting the eclipse festival on a local, national and international level.

On the other hand, thanks to Geonight 2022, local astronomers had the opportunity to exchange their ideas regarding the eclipse festival and promote this great event among their public. Eclipse262728 will return to Galicia soon to continue raising awareness among the Galician population together with their team, local experts and volunteers.

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