This year 2023 Eclipse262728 returned to FITUR with great achievements as entities that are interested in the project and want to be part of the Collaboration Network.

In this edition, once again, Aragón Turismo welcomed Eclipse262728 to make a presentation of the project at its stand, where numerous enthusiasts and curious people came to get to know what is going to happen in the upcoming years. On this specific occasion, the public discovered the privileged situation of Aragon in the path of the Grand Spanish Eclipse 2026 and the annular solar eclipse of 2028.

In 2023, FITUR not only offered the Autonomous Communities within the path of the Grand Spanish Eclipse 2026 the opportunity to get to know Eclipse262728, but also the areas under the paths of the 2027 and 2028 solar eclipses. They also showed great interest in joining the Collaboration Network and start planning in advance. As instance, Ceuta, Melilla, Cádiz and Campo de Gibraltar were the regions that discovered their fundamental role on hosting the eclipse chasers in eclipse of 2027.

Undoubtedly the role of the media is crucial in promoting the eclipse festival at a national and international level. The collaboration of the press was one of the highlights of FITUR 2023 for Eclipse262728.

As every year, the astrotourism sector and specifically the representatives of the Starlight network took advantage of FITUR to organize meetings and exchange their experiences. This year the first generation of eclipse ambassadors came together to go ahead with the next steps for the eclipse festival. On this occasion, they also reviewed the role of astrotourism in sustainable development, the protection of the dark sky and including it as part of the activities of the upcoming grand events in Spain.

Eclipse262728 also attended countless activities such as a FITURNext talk where Antonia Valero, the director of the Starlight Foundation, explained how to have a “Tourist Experience in +”.

Likewise, Eclipse262728 traveled through the Asia pavilion where many events were organized, through the Africa pavilion where good communication was carried out with Egypt and Morocco since the eclipse of 2027 passes through the Andalusian coasts, Ceuta and Melilla, and also crosses over these countries. The American pavilion did not go unnoticed by the presence of Eclipse262728 by Mexico since next year, in 2024, they will have the experience of a total solar eclipse, and for this reason there were gatherings with them to organize one or more groups of astrotourists to visit Mexico and be in the shadow of the Moon.

Eclipse262728 this edition of FITUR2023 eclipsed it!

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