Frómista, a historic town from Palencia province in Spain gests prepared to host eclipse celebrations not only in 2026 but, but to take advantage of the Grand Spanish Eclipse even before and after the eclipse year. This town is house to almost 800 people located very close to the center line of the totality in 2026. This touristic town hosts a significant number of pilgrims who try to experience walking or cycling along the ways to Santiago de Compostela and offer almost 1 minute and 46 seconds of totality. In July 2022 Eclipse262728 was invited by the city hall and the tourism office in collaboration with Palencia tourism sector. This workshop was opened to everyone to raise attention about the unique opportunity of this village to promote eclipse chasing and host eclipse chasers. On the other hand, since Fromista is annually visited by thousands of Spanish and international tourists the town can play a crucial role to welcome to eclipse observers and organize giant eclipse festivals.

Presentation on the Grand Spanish Eclipse 2026

The workshop was held in the ancient church of Santa Maria del Castillo where participants were informed about the historic day of the town in 2026 when probably thousands of people will come to Frómista to enjoy the totality. Moreover, since the totality will happen in a very low altitude before the sunset (almost 8 degrees from the horizon) it’s absolutely crucial to find right locations where no trees or building covers the solar disc during the eclipse.

San Martín Church

Due to the fact that early planning is very important to get prepared for hosting the eclipse celebrations, the local authorities will take the further steps in future to provide infrastructures in order to organize the eclipse festival and relevant activities.

Night sky observation activity by Astronomía Cercana
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