The basis of every project is its objectives, what it wants to achieve, in our case, we follow to promote collaboration between entities, companies and the local community of each area to obtain common objectives that benefit all.

The bases of Eclipse262728 are:

To educate the population

It allows us to reach the entire population in a close way to show and guide everyone, from kids to interested adults. The biggest challenge is that everyone can be informed about each moment of the eclipse, so that they are not afraid of the eclipse and enjoy it to the fullest.

To create a collaborative network

Thanks to the collaboration of both public and private entities, we will be able to coordinate all kinds of events before, during and after the eclipses and achieve better results and impacts.

Sustainable tourism development

Thanks to sustainable tourism, the populations can benefit and enjoy the economic impacts and promote astrotourism, before, during and after the cycle of eclipses.

The benefit of involving local communities in all phases of the eclipse festival will help them take advantage of this opportunity to improve their quality of life and obtain positive socio-cultural impacts. .

The correct management of the crowds will avoid negative impacts on the environment and thus achieve a sustainable eclipse festival.

planning ahead

The eclipse festival in the main viewing destinations of the phenomenon is considered a mega event to which an exaggerated number of astrotourists will attend. It implies that planning must be carried out in advance as in any type of great events such as “The Grand Spanish Eclipse 2026” and the further eclipses in 2027 and 2028.

Without planning nothing goes as expected, that’s why in Eclipse262728 early planning is so important. As pioneers in this project that began in 2016 with a theoretical framework, we started to apply it in the real world and early enough to enhance public outreach. 

The day of the eclipses is getting closer, and this leads to thousands of items to prepare and thousands of populations to coordinate. It is extremely important to start early to prepare everything.

To manage and coordinate the phases of the project

Each phase of the project is carefully thought out to be executed. We have even thought of alternative plans in case something does not go as expected.

Transmission of safe observation

Another crucial point of the goals is obviously the health of all observers, since if we look at the Sun directly without protection we can irreversibly damage our retinas, for this reason we strongly recommend using ISO 12312-2 approved protective glasses. In the Eye Safety section of the web we have many more details on this important topic.

To promote destinations through the eclipse nationally and internationally

All destinations will be promoted by all known media, such as our website, social media, press, radio, TV, etc. both nationally and internationally to attract the maximum possible number of astrotourists before, during and after the eclipses in a sustainable way.

To highlight the best observation points for eclipses in each area

In each province there will be numerous observation points approved by Eclipse262728 and they will be published on our website as well as the the local entities webpages, so that people can go to the best points with control and organization, and thus have a safe and peaceful observation of the eclipses.

Responding to doubts and questions about the organization of the eclipse festival

Taking into account that there has not been a similar event in the Iberian peninsula for approximately 120 years, there will be many unknown aspects to hold and manage the eclipse festival. Eclipse262728 is ready to respond to those unknowns. 

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