Eclipse Report 10/06/2021

Eclipse Report 10/06/2021

Solar eclipse activities and observation in June 2021

The partial solar eclipse of June 10th 2021 in Spain to organize diverse activities in order to present the great upcoming eclipse events in Spain during the three consecutive years in 2026, 2027 and 2028.

Eclipse262728 distributed standard solar eclipse glasses in different locations in Spain among interested people, and entities such as universities, schools, local businesses etc.

The University of Santiago de Compostela, the University of Girona, the starlight destination Astronomia Cercana in Segovia, San José school in Ciudad Real and some other local groups in the Canary Islands, Cádiz, Guadalajara and Figueres were among the collaborators to organize the eclipse observation and activities in June 10th.

In each place the observers learned about the importance of the next eclipses in their country and why they shouldn’t miss them. Moreover, the organizers in each site gave awareness to the participants about the Eclipse262728’s mission, goals, opportunities and how to get involved in the eclipse festival. Finally every group observed the little partial solar eclipse through the eclipse glasses and enjoyed the safe solar eclipse observation.