The V International Starlight Meeting in Fuencaliente de La Palma offered the opportunity to gather the first generation of the eclipse ambassadors. Also on this occasion, Eclipse262728 and the Starlight Foundation explored the challenges of planning and preparing for the eclipse festival and tried to find sustainable solutions to run this great event.

The Starlight Foundation, which aims to protect the night sky, the cultural dissemination of astronomy and sustainable development through astrotourism, has a prominent role in planning the great eclipse festival. The vast coverage of the Starlight destinations and reserves and the significant role of the guides and monitors of this network as astronomy disseminators will facilitate the organization and promotion of the activities regarding the upcoming solar eclipses in Spain in 2026/ 27/28.

The first eclipse ambassadors found this meeting as the right place to review the next steps along the Eclipse262728 project . On the other hand, during this event, the eclipse ambassadors reviewed the forms of coordination of the activities between the Starlight destinations, proposed various ideas to raise awareness among the population, encourage local authorities to collaborate and promote eclipse chasing and enjoy its impacts. In each region.

In addition, the participation of the press opened the doors to publicize this topic and enhance outreach among its public, since one of the most important challenges to carry out a sustainable event is education.

This meeting was also the perfect place to expand the collaboration network and promote Eclipse262728 in different public and private entities such as the World Tourism Organization, Starlight accommodation, etc.

Eclipse262728 and the Starlight Foundation together with other collaborators will continue with the next steps of the project planning in the near future until the planned objectives come true.

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