Eclipse262728 offers extensive services to cover all fields for all types of entities, for example, cultural centers, city halls, county councils, private companies, schools, universities, etc. Through these services, local communities will be able to have adequate strategies thanks to our technical support to have a high level of organization and coordination between the different entities that participate in the eclipse festival as an international mega event.

This project, as the representative of Spain in the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in the organization of the eclipse festival, will carry out the following services according to the structure and strategy of the collaboration network to help the population.

Eclipse262728 presents the following services:


Field study

In order to have a certificate to register the destinations as the eclipse observation sites, it is essential to carry out field studies at each destination along the path of the eclipse.

Including the following parameters:

Exploring the main observation points

Location and evaluation of their viability, verifying that they meet a series of requirements in order to be approved by Eclipse262728.

Tourism sector evaluation

Eclipse262728 will carry out a study that you provide us in each destination, in order to manage  the influx of tourists before, during and after the eclipse.

Accommodation Evaluation

to evaluate the total number of accommodations near the Eclipse viewing points and study the maximum capacity of each location to guide the astrotourists to the available accommodations and try to avoid overbooking.

Cultural evaluation regarding tourism

To study and take advantage of the cultural potential of each destination to promote it through the eclipse festival

Infrastructure assessment

Adequate infrastructure planning helps to manage the large masses of tourists easier.


Eclipse262728, in collaboration with local entities, organizes various activities to carry out and develop in different destinations before, during and after the eclipse years to extend the benefits over time and raise the level of preparation and enhance awareness throughout Spain.

It consists of all kinds of events, such as:


Cultural and Educational

astrophotography exhibitions

Expert Exhibitions

Conferences and Workshops

Masterclass in schools

Outdoor activities

Visiting observatories and planetariums

Planning for the crowd management 

There will be a tourist distribution plan by zones, according to each destination and the maximum capacity there.

Where the occupation is at 100%, we have alternative plans to be able to receive more tourists.

If you have any questions, share it with us via our contact section. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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