Totality lets you to experience an indescribable feeling. It can even be a life-altering event for the observers.

It is like feeling every single moment with all your senses. It is the darkness of the moon shadow which covers the sky around you and a black circle in the middle of the shadow band covering the sun. During the moments of totality, it looks like a dark hole in the sky with a bright corona flashing around it.

The solar eclipse begins with a small bite of the moon shadow out of the solar disk. This gradually becomes larger which looks like a hiding sun. This period progresses slowly over a few hours and allow the observer to enjoy all the changes. The sun slowly vanishes and the sky light changes.

A few minutes before totality, shadows become intense and the crescent sun forms. The local wild life starts to settle. Birds stop singing. Temperature differs and consequently wind is caused. Looking into the horizon, it is like a band of dark shadow swiping across the sky.

A few seconds before totality, it is that famous diamond ring effect. The very last few shafts of light and finally the only single bead appears on the ring. No one forgets this moment!

Totality is relatively short. It is only a few minutes, but it is like a twilight where you can see a few bright planets and stars.

The moments right before and during totality go very fast but you feel every seconds. It is like 100% of attention to every little detail around you.

After the totality, the steps of the eclipse now repeat in reverse order. The observer can experience this mesmerizing show by the nature in the opposite direction.

One of the most important safety points to observe a solar eclipse is to use solar filters because the sun rays can easily damage a naked eye. Of course, it is completely safe to remove filters only during the short moments of totality.

It is obvious that preparations and planning are necessary to experience and enjoy a total solar eclipse.

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